Reliable Database of Carriers

When our customers need to move a shipment, we give them access to the best carriers.


What Separates Us

Vetted Carriers

Every Red Lab Logistics' Carrier goes through an extensive vetting process before they can be approved to haul your freight.

Detailed Tracking

We provide our customers updates on their shipments with access to real time tracking for every load hauled by Red Lab Logistics.

24/7 Support

Our team understands the importance of each and every load that we transport. We work around the clock to ensure that your product arrives safely and quickly.

Single Point of Contact

Our company provides end to end logistics solutions to our customers through a single point of contact backed by a team of highly skilled specialists.

We have been surrounded by the transportation industry for our entire lives. We have seen the unethical practices of many businesses and watched them fail. Relationships and trust are paramount.

Red Lab Logistics, Vice President

Addison Miles

You Make the Deals, We Get the Wheels

Our extensive carrier base allows us to get you the best carrier and truck type that fits your needs.


Red Lab Leadership

Owner (Head of Operations)

Owner (Head of Sales)

Owner (Head of Finance)

Director of Accounting

Dedicated to Growth & Learning

We continue to strive for perfection in all aspects of our company and help you more.

Every carrier is vetted and continuously monitored, being held to a standard that our customers have come to expect.